(3 & 4 Year Olds)

Fostering a love of learning that will stimulate your pre-kindergarten child intellectually while challenging your child spiritually is our goal at Adams County Christian Academy!  Our Footsteps for Fours (BJU Press) and Bible (Purposeful Design) curricula guide your child toward becoming an independent learner, while fostering your child’s faith. 

Footsteps for Fours focuses on the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual needs of Pre-K students. It uses a center-based, hands-on approach to learning in order to give each child the opportunity to learn at his or her own developmental level and ability. Each lesson incorporates acquisition of language, phonological awareness, handwriting, scientific investigation, number concepts, and cultural knowledge.

Music, poetry, action rhymes and finger plays, games, dramatization, and activities for fine and gross motor development are also included in day-to-day activities to enhance your preschooler’s learning experience.

With a complete Bible curriculum, your Pre-K child learns basic Bible truths through prayer, singing songs (Bible action songs, hymns,etc.), memorizing scripture verses and listening to Bible stories each day. 

Throughout the day, the purposeful academic instruction, play and activities will prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Pre-Kindergarten at ACCA is open to students who are 3 or 4 years old by September 1 of the year of entrance.  Three year olds attend our program for two years and four year olds attend for one year.  All children who enroll must be completely “potty-trained” and self-sufficient in the bathroom.

What our Pre-K students say about ACCA:

“I love playing with my friends, singing songs and playing instruments!”  -C.B.

“I like music and movement activities the best.” –A.G.

 “I like coloring pictures and story-time.” -E.R.

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