Why Adams County Christian Academy? 
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A word for students... When you begin your educational experience at Adams County Christian Academy, you embark on a journey that will direct you to Jesus in all areas of your life. You will have excellent teachers who not only teach above state standards, but also teach from the heart. The caring, nurturing environment you find at our school will help you make strong, biblically-based choices as a student, which prepare you for a successful future. As a student you will also enjoy sports, physical education, music, theater, and art as a part of a well-rounded education.

A word for parents... Entrusting your children to any school is a tough decision.  At Adams County Christian Academy we want you to feel at home.  Our friendly staff and faculty our here to assist you in helping your children discover their God-given potential.  Not only will your child grow academically, but they will also grow in their faith from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Our goal for your children is for them to graduate from ACCA prepared to enter the work-force or college, knowing what they believe and desiring to serve the Lord in all areas of their lives.

Our Stories: 

School Handbooks and Curricula:
Student-Parent Handbook (PDF).
Curricula (Pre-K through grade 12, PDF).

Plan a Visit:
The best time to visit is when school in is session from September through May.  You may call the Office Manager (717-334-9177) to schedule a tour and meeting with the principal to learn more about our Academy.   If you wish, you may schedule a day to shadow a student and go through classes, meet the teachers and experience life at Adams County Christian Academy!

How to Apply:
        - Application for taking credited courses (PDF).
        - Application for taking non-credit courses or participating in extra-curricular activities (PDF).
        - Application for taking elementary classes (PDF).

Financial Aid:

Family Scholarship Benefit
ACCA has a limited number of $1000.00 scholarships available to first time family/students who enroll in Adams County Christian Academy for the 2018-2019 school year. This scholarship will only be available to new families with children enrolling in Kindergarten thru 12th grade.

 Limitations, terms and conditions:

  • Limit 2 scholarships per family. A new family that enrolls 3 students would only receive a maximum of two $1000.00 scholarships.
  • Scholarships are not transferable between families or students.
  • Current families with children enrolled who may have a younger child entering into K thru 12th are not eligible (scholarships are only available to first time families with first time students.
  • Scholarships will not be held or reserved, they are limited and available on a first come basis.
  • Scholarships will only be granted once the registration fee and signed full year contract are received.
  • Families with students who receive a scholarship are required to complete the full school year and must meet all financially contracted obligations. If a family leaves prior to school year end, the scholarship must be repaid in full. If the family fails to make contracted payments or is delinquent by 10 days or more in regards to tuition payment the scholarship will be taken away and the family will be obligated to pay the scholarship back in full.
  • Scholarship cannot be exchanged for cash.
If first time scholarship is received , families are still entitled to and encouraged to apply for EITC.

Family Referral Benefit
Adams County Christian Academy is pleased to offer a referral benefit for 2018-2019 to our ACCA families for up to $500. Families can receive this benefit by referring new students to our school.

Current ACCA families refer new students to ACCA. The new family must complete the school’s application, have their application approved and then register. At the time of application approval, a form advising which ACCA family referred them to our school will be completed. The current, referring ACCA family will receive the benefit in two payments.  The first will be applied January 1, 2019 and the second payment will be applied on May 1, 2019.

Terms and Conditions:

If, for some reason, the referred student(s) do not complete the 2018-2019 school year or do not meet all financial obligations, the full referral benefit will not be distributed.

If a new referred family enrolls more than one student, the referral benefit will be as follows:

  • 1st child referral-$500,2nd child referral-$250, 3rd child referral- $125.  (There is no referral benefit after the 3rd child).
  •  If a current ACCA family is credited with referring more than one new family with more than one student the benefit would be as follows:

o   Family #1- First Child -$500, Second Child- $250, Third Child-$125

o   Family #2 First Child-$500, Second Child-$250, Third Child-$125

o   Family #3- First Child- $500, Second Child-$250, Third Child-$125

  • There is no limit to the amount of new families a current ACCA family can refer.
  • Referral benefits will only apply to first time students enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Referral benefits cannot be transferred between families.
  • Referral benefits cannot be exchanged for cash.

Request More Information:
To request more information about the school, please email ( or call (717.334.9177).  We are happy to hear from you, answer any questions you may have about the school, and set up a time for you and your family to come visit us.