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Student, Family, and Staff Testimonials

"We are in our third year at ACCA. Our son has grown so much, an unbelievable amount in those three years. He always did well academically, but his now challenged at his level. And, oh my goodness, how much he has grown to know God and understand the Bible is amazing.  I cannot tell you enough how much ACCA has a way of pulling out the best in everyone. And, any behavior issues are handled so well. The teachers put in 100%. The Principal is a fabulous leader. The teachers and principal are hardworking, dedicated, and definitely in the correct field. They are understanding and helpful with all the families. Our son has been to another private school in the past and I work at a public school and have attended another public school. I do not see another school comparing to ACCA. ACCA is a true gem! ~The Spicka Family

"Knowing our son is being challenged academically, mentally, and spiritually is what makes my husband and I love sending him to Adams County Christian Academy! The teachers strive to put Christ first and it shows in their care for the students' personal growth.  We feel extremely  blessed to have found a place that is helping children turn their weaknesses into strengths.  Thank you, ACCA! ~ The Kern Family

"Tim and I made a decision at the beginning of the school year to send our 7th grade son to Adams County Christian Academy. It was the best decision we made for him. We have seen a tremendous amount of growth both educationally and spiritually. There is something to be said for a biblical environment that embraces your child and yet holds him accountable. I cannot say enough about the staff and the teachers. We have truly been blessed beyond measure." ~ Judith Royston

"Over the years, our family has had experiences with traditional public school, home schooling and online charter schools.  Since 2016, two of our children have been attending Adams County Christian Academy.  We were all somewhat apprehensive at first, but it did not take long for the children, and we as parents, to find our place among genuine teachers and students that were so welcoming it was undeniable we had made the right choice.  ACCA continues to have tremendous impacts on our children’s growth academically, socially, physically, mentally and spiritually everyday.  It is truly an answer for today’s concerned Christian parents about the quality in education and safety for their children."  ~ The Moore Family

"I like ACCA because the teachers are like your friends, and if you need a little help understanding things, they take the time to help you.  This school has helped me grow in my faith and really improve my reading, which I always struggled with until I came here.  The teachers do whatever they can to help you and encourage you." ~ Emma, grade 6

"The reason I like this school is because there are friends here that I can trust.  Everybody at ACCA is very kind.  Thee are also teachers here that can help you.  At this school, I can really laugh and have fun.  Also, here I can learn about God more.  Ever since I've been here, I have learned more and more about God." ~ Marcos, grade 8

"ACCA is a wonderful place where you can be yourself.  Everyone is great.  The teachers care about you and about making sure you're okay.  If you don't understand something they don't just move on.  It's a wholesome place where you can worship God freely.  Seeing examples of good Christian people makes me want to grow in my own faith." ~ Makayla, grade 6

"I love this school because when I came here I wasn't doing too well.  After a while of being here, I started getting good grades.  I also love this school because of how nice and caring all the students and teachers are." ~ Jacob, grade 8

"I have learned important life lessons at ACCA and I feel confident about launching out into the future." ~Kelsey, Class of 2012

"Everything we do here, from chapel services on Wednesdays to the prayer before games, fills in the spiritual gaps in my week. It opens my eyes continually to the fact that God is in my everything." ~ Matthew, Class of 2014

"I have been a student at ACCA for almost one year and I really enjoy it.  One of the first things I noticed when I came here is that everyone is very friendly right off the bat.  I made friends very quickly and I enjoy getting to come see them everyday.  We also have prayer buddies in the lower grades and I really enjoy going to pray with them and have bonding moments.  The teacher make it good as well because you can really tell that they love and care about you and your spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ.  Another thing I really like is drama class - I love the plays.  ACCA, I can say honestly, has changed my life for the better!"  ~Alyssa, Class of 2016

"The 2012-2013 school year was my first year of teaching at Adams County Christian Academy.  In the past, I taught in both a public and a Christian school.  I love being at ACCA!  The principal is a woman of integrity.  The staff is a mix of gifted individuals, chosen by God, to do His work and care for HIs children.  The students have servants' hearts.  I see with faith what God wants to do in the future at ACCA.  If you believe in Christian values and a great education for your child, I highly recommend ACCA.  The best is yet to come for our school." ~ Dawn Zumbrum, math teacher

"We are in our 15th year as part of the Adams County Christian Academy community. Our children have not only been taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, but have been taught from God's word and how it should make a difference in their lives. Adams County Christian Academy has consistently brought out the best in them." ~ Jodi Nell, mother of four ACCA alumni