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  • 1976 - Pastor Donald Powers, pastor of Gettysburg Foursquare Gospel Church, had a vision for Christian education and started Gettysburg Christian Academy.

  • 1984 - Gettysburg Christian Academy closes its doors, but former board member of G.C.A., Earl Sanderson and some families from G.C.A. wish to see Christian education continue in Adams County and they open Adams County Christian Academy in the home of Robert and Shirley Wagner of Gettysburg. Enrollment is 17 students.

  • 1985-1986 - The school moves to the Hunterstown Community Center. Dr. Robert Marion becomes the Academy's first Principal/Administrator.

  • 1986 - In June, the first graduation at Adams County Christian Academy is held. There were three graduates.

  • 1987 - Through the generosity of Early and Evelyn Sanderson, land is purchased at 1865 Biglerville Road and the school moves to its present location. The school office is now housed in the original building.

  • 1990 - A new building housing four classrooms and two restrooms is added to the existing building, doubling the school's size.

  • 1993 - The project of building a playground gets underway. Volunteers constructed a 12'x15' log cabin and installed swings and slides on the wooded playground.

  • 1994 - Enrollment is approximately 100 students in grades Pre-K through 12. In order to offer high school classes through the Bob Jones University Live Interactive Network Classroom (LINC), the Board of Directors votes to become affiliated with Memorial Baptist Church. Needing more space, the high school was housed down the road at Memorial Baptist Church.

  • 1996 - Mr. Jeffrey Day becomes Principal/Administrator. Under his administration, more classrooms are added to the campus and high school science and foreign languages are taught through the LINC program. New computers and a 54 passenger bus are acquired. The parking lot and driveway are paved.

  • 1997 - Through the generous donation from Mrs. Catherine Mellott, the Mellott building is constructed, housing two classrooms and restrooms.

  • 1999 - As the school continues to grow, a modular building is added, providing two more classrooms.

  • 2001 - The largest building on campus, the Ram Center, is built, thanks to generous donations from Tom and Jane Livelsberger. The building was dedicated on November 10, 2001. It houses four classrooms, a kitchen, and all-purpose room with stage.

    Ram Center
     The Ram Center.

  • 2002 - Mrs. Jane Livelsberger becomes Administrator, and Mrs. Kimberly Mentzer is Principal. The first full-time high school staff is hired, a sports program begins, and four band ensembles are formed.
  • 2004 - Mrs. Kimberly Mentzer takes on the additional role of Administrator, and Mr. Mike Orleski becomes Jr./Sr. High Principal and Athletic Director. The Jr. and Sr. High classes are departmentalized.
  • 2007 - Mr. Charles Garcia becomes Administrator.

  • 2010 - Mrs. Rhonda Fertich becomes Principal.